Concrete Flooring Services

Our services include staining, polishing and pouring epoxy over concrete. We are a professional concrete finishing company in Nashville, TN that likes to make concrete look amazing. Working with the concrete industry allows us to use our artistic skills to ensure a great finish every time. Did you know that your concrete doesn’t always have to be gray? And, there are a variety of styles and looks that concrete can have. People are even using concrete as kitchen countertops these days. These great finishes can not only be used in residential but in Commercial applications as well. Epoxy is another great alternative to protect the floors. The Epoxy for floors comes in a wide variety of colors or can be used to seal in the concrete staining done as well.
Stained Concrete Nashville
Stained Concrete
Polished Concrete Nashville
Polished Concrete
Epoxy Flooring Nashville
Epoxy Flooring
Concrete Polishing Nashville

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors can be an elegant way to finish off your concrete floors by adding a nice smooth finish. And, epoxy floors are very affordable per square foot cost to other options. And, it makes the concrete below exceptionally durable with resistance to just about everything. This is why you will find Epoxy flooring in many garages and it’s great for hospitals and clinics as well. They are easy to sanitize which makes them perfect for the healthcare industry.

And, they will hold up to being sanitized over and over again. They are heat resistant, which allows for steam cleaning as well. And, Epoxy flooring works great for factory and industrial floors as well as the bathroom floor of your home. If you want a simple floor that is inexpensive but looks amazing, epoxy flooring is a great option.

Concrete Staining Nashville

Concrete Staining

Concrete staining is another option to spice up your concrete. There are two varieties of concrete stain, reactive and non-reactive. The reactive type will react to the lime in the concrete, this is what gives the concrete it’s color. This type is very permanent and will not chip or wear off as it’s into the concrete’s chemistry. The other is a simple stain, similar to a wood stain, and it too is very durable. To add to the durability you could also add a clear epoxy coating to the concrete to further protect the finish.

The reason people stain concrete is for aesthetic reasons only. There are various stain colors and these colors can be mixed and overlapped to create an even more of a dynamic look. Staining concrete is something that can really add character to any building, walkway or path and it’s fairly economical to do.

Polished Concrete Nashville

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is a great option for flooring as well. This economical option is perfect for large lobby floors or hallways. Many of us think of concrete flooring as that dull gray that you see so often in driveways, hospitals, and parking ramps. But, it can be beautiful with a little polish, staining and or epoxy and very affordable compared to many other flooring options. And, the end result can be amazing. In fact, you probably have seen a lot of concrete polished floors and thought it was granite or marble or something else expensive when all it was, a polished concrete finish.

We are a concrete contractor in Nashville, TN, we want to take your concrete look to the next level! We offer our concrete services for both residential as well as commercial applications. Let us dress up your concrete today.

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