Concrete Floor Staining Nashville TN

Stained concrete offers unique and decorative effects at a very reasonable cost. It is an economical solution that allows for an amazing finished piece. Stain can make your concrete look like stone pavers, bricks, leather, granite or marble for example. And, these materials are far more expensive to install than a concrete slab with stain. There is an infinite array of colors and special effects that can be applied to the concrete as well and it comes in a variety of color tones. Stain can be a solid color, clear and infused with metals. It can offer a great antique look, variegated or mottled for an even more distinct look. Composition and age of the concrete along with the surface porosity are factors that determine what the stain will look like on the new floor. No two floors will ever look exactly the same using a staining process.

This staining process is permanent, there is no going back. This is why it is important to have the professionals such as Nashville Concrete Staining Pros do this work for you. You do not want to take the risk of messing up the concrete. There are special tools, training, and techniques used to achieve that perfect look. And, this is especially important if you want to incorporate multiple colors or have a faux like design done.

What Kind Of Concrete Can Be Stained?

All concrete can be stained. The chemical makes up as well as age will determine how well it will accept the stain. And, the condition of the concrete should be taken into consideration. Staining concrete is not like painting it, it is actually a chemical reaction that works within the concrete. So, if the concrete is stained, dirty, have oils and debris on it, it won’t take the stain well. Stain comes in both acid-base and water base. With acid-base stain, safety precautions should be put into place when applying. Acid basic chemicals can hurt the eyes and skin and produce strong smells. As the stain cures and dries, the smell will get less.

What Colors Are Offered For Stains?

There are lots of different options for colors. With the acid-based stains, the colors are a bit more limited than with the water-based stains. Most of the hues in the acid-based stain are tans, terra cottas, browns, and soft blue-greens. Although the colors are scarce, the mixing and depth of the tones can make some really amazing looking concrete floors that will last for a very long time. Since the acid-based stain is changing the concrete chemical structure, it is there permanently and is very durable.

Water-based staining comes in a larger selection of color options and also metallic choices as well. This wider spectrum allows for much more fun and design in the stained concrete.

What Is The Difference In Acid Vs Water Based?

Both do a great job at creating masterpieces on the concrete flooring. However, the acid-based stains actually do a chemical reaction with the concrete and should be used for floors looking for a variety of color tones and muted looks. The water-based stain fills in and stains the pores of the concrete, giving it a colored film. There is no chemical reaction and the odor of it is much better than that of acid when applying. It is a bit safer to use, as it has fewer safety issues.

If you are looking for a great look at a fraction of the cost of the real thing, we can help. Give Nashville Concrete Staining Pros a call today.

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